Roanoke Web Tech Resources

Being a list of programming, database, writing, multimedia, video, games, social media, mobile groups in Roanoke, Virginia. Or within striking distance of Roanoke.

Covers 12 areas: Roanoke Blacksburg Lynchburg Winston-Salem Harrisonburg Charlottesville Lebanon North Carolina Triangle Richmond Charlotte Washington DC / Northern Virginia Baltimore

Roanoke #

Blacksburg (36 miles away) #

Lynchburg (53 miles away) #

Winston-Salem (105 miles away) #

Harrisonburg (110 miles away) #

Charlottesville (120 miles away) #

Lebanon (156 miles away) #

North Carolina Triangle (170 miles away) #

Richmond (190 miles away) #

Charlotte (198 miles away) #

Washington DC / Northern Virginia (240 miles away) #

Baltimore (278 miles away) #

Now on GitHub

A website to track tech events in and adjacent to Roanoke Virginia. Can you help?

In 2010 I created a website to track tech events in Roanoke Virginia. I put it at

I loved the idea, but I moved away in 2011. It's rather harder to keep up with it now that I've moved away. Are you interested in keeping it up to date? Please feel free to make a pull request and I can push changes to the site. Happy to add credits and links back to whomever wants to give back to the Roanoke (and adjacent!) tech communty. You can see I have things down in the Triangle and Charlottesville listed as well.

Questions? Add an issue here, or tweet me at @artlung or email me at or use the feedback form on my website.

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